Exterminating #Christians is the #Islamic way of life

Christians are increasingly a target of the Islamics.

In Syria and Iraq, Christian minority communities have been displaced, brutalized and the price of failing to convert to Islam under ISIS rule has been death.

In other countries like Lebanon and Jordan, decades of war and instability in the region created a steady flow of migrants to Europe and America and left the communities shrinking year after year. Because they are often affiliated with Western churches and religious institutions, the migration patterns out of the Middle East are more established and allow them to more readily find an exit.

What happened in Egypt is horrific, but it is not isolated. Look at the attacks in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt and on and on. The Islamics do not look at Christians as human.

The frequency of such atrocities has increased. As the recent Islamic attack in Fresno California shows, the killer Islamics are here, and their targets are Americans.

Read the whole frightening story in Newsweek


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