The California Board of Equalization is a racketeering operation that should be stopped

The Board of Equalization is back on the hot seat. It’s under tight spending controls from Gov. Jerry Brown and lawmakers are calling for investigations to get to the bottom of the messy accounting and lax oversight that a recent audit from the Department of Finance disclosed.

Last year, the agency came under scrutiny after the Sacramento Bee revealed that it spent $130,000 on designer furniture for the office of one of its members, calling into question its procurement policies.

State auditors now are investigating how many of the agency’s employees are related to each other, and its executive director at a Senate hearing last week announced that he’d been threatened with dismissal recently.

“We’re in crisis mode,” Board of Equalization Executive Director David Gau said.

Some of the loudest calls for major change this time are coming from its own leaders. State Controller Betty Yee and board member Fiona Ma argue the agency has lost the public’s trust because of accounting failures and what they regard as a bleeding of political activity into its professional workforce.

The Board has been turned into a racketeering operation by some of it’s members. It should be shut down.

Read the whole story in the Sacramento Bee

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