#JohnKasich continues to trash #Trump voters

John Kasich continues to be a loser.

After getting crushed in the primary Kasich refused to endorse Donald Trump, to consider joining him on the GOP ticket or to vote for him in November.

In Two Paths: America Divided or United, being published Tuesday by Thomas Dunne Books, Kasich argues that Trump was able to win the nomination and the White House against all expectations by tapping a long-term erosion in American culture that has left many voters feeling that their lives are spiraling out of control.

In short, if you voted for President Trump you’re stupid.

Read the whole story in the USA Today


One comment

  1. Tell LYIN JOHN to look in the mirror to see why voters .. en-mass voted for Trump after years of losers like kasih , who in reality is a democrat. Open borders, massive spending, he is trying to expand failing ObamaCare, won’t tackle an expanding incompetent federal or state government and continually taking bribes from donors and doing their bidding over what American citizens want..


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