The California Board of Equalization: A Criminal Enterprise

The California Board of Equalization is an obscure elected board that’s usually populated by termed-out politicians seeking a paid place to land.

Some of these politicians have turned the board into a criminal enterprise.

The board’s obscurity has allowed it to rack up a breathtaking list of problems under the radar.

A state Department of Finance audit found that board officials were improperly redirecting staff and resources to their own pet projects.

Controller Betty Yee has proposed stripping the board of its responsibilities for tax administration, audits and compliance.

The tax board has mishandled $47.8 million in sales tax revenue — a misallocation of funds it still hasn’t been able to adequately explain.

Gov. Jerry Brown sanctioned the board by taking away its ability to hire personnel and issue most contracts independently.

Brown is also opening an investigation into both the board’s alleged abuse of resources and alleged nepotism in its workforce. He wants state legislators to come up with statutory changes for the board by June.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Chronicle

One comment

  1. More socialist corruption in Klay under Jerry who has raised spending in Kaly under his administration by..ready.. 84% and that came from massive increases in taxation.


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