Feckless PG&E can’t be trusted…they need more oversight

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year repairing and upgrading its electricity transmission system without any government agency screening the projects in advance to see if they’re needed.

Given the companies record of criminal behavior in the past, California utility regulators want to change that.

The California Public Utilities Commission, joined by San Francisco city officials, filed a complaint with the federal government in February arguing that such projects should face some form of state-level review, particularly considering the amount of money involved.

By the commission’s estimate, PG&E will spend $1.5 billion from the start of 2016 through the end of this year on transmission projects selected solely by the utility’s own executives, without outside approval. That’s equivalent to about $139 per year per PG&E customer, including both businesses and homeowners, though the amount on actual bills would vary.

“We’ve got to look at all of this and be more involved,” said Traci Bone, an attorney for the utilities commission. “Are they gold-plating the system? Are they doing the right things at the right time?”

Feckless PG&E can’t be trusted…they need more oversight.

Read the whole story in the Sen Francisco Chronicle

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