San Bernardino plans homeless fight, will a gulag be next?

The city of San Bernardino intends to join a countywide effort to fight homelessness while also hiring a specialist to coordinate efforts within the city.

City officials met with county and nonprofit leaders to discuss the best approach to homelessness, leading to no official decision, but general agreement with the thoughts of Philip Mangano, the county’s homelessness czar.

“We have a lot of detail on what works,” Mangano said. “Services without housing doesn’t work; housing without services doesn’t work. Putting the two together, as the county has done in meeting and exceeding our goal to house 401 homeless veterans, works.”

That sounds a lot like a plan to build a homeless gulag.

Enjoy your Police State.

Read the whole story in the San Bernardino Sun


One comment

  1. So government housing and services are now going to be the rule with MORE millions spent that Kaly doesn’t have and especially SB which is facing a huge pension mess. How about just running them out instead of bangin the dinner bell. Once you start providing free housing, meals and ” SERVICES” the problem gets even worse. Start with vagrancy laws and remove them..


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