#BART mob crimes: Another reason why living in the #BayArea sucks

If you live in the Bay Area, each day seems to get worse and worse.

Now mobs of thugs, 40-60 people, are robbing BART passengers.

Police have not made any arrests in the wake of the chaos, which began just before 9:20 p.m., when a swarm of suspects jumped the fare gates. Two passengers suffered bruises and cuts to their face after being punched by some in the mob.

Six others inside the train were robbed, as was one outside of it. They lost cellphones, a purse and a duffel bag, police said.

BART officials and the police remain pretty clueless.

The incident has raised questions about whether BART needs more policing and why it hasn’t cracked down on fare evaders. The issue of fare evasion is costing BART $25 million per year in lost revenue.

Read the whole story in the Mercury News


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