Desperate for attention, the @CaGOP embraces #climatechange

California’s ambitious efforts to fight climate change have been almost exclusively supported by Democrats, but that could be changing.

Now Republicans, desperate for attention in Sacramento are embracing climate change.

A top Republican and some of his colleagues are taking the unusual step of embracing the state’s complex system of regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, pledging to work with Democrats at the same time President Trump rolls back national policies on global warming.

“Californians, whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, are different from the rest of the country,” said Assembly Minority Leader Chad Mayes, who represents parts of Riverside and San Bernardino counties. “What they’re doing back in Washington, D.C., is not what we’re going to be doing in California.”

Mayes presides over the irrelevant Republican super-minority in the Assembly.

Read the whole story in the LA Times

One comment

  1. OK.. Thats it.. If these A-Holes are this friggin stupid then there REALLY is not reason to vote anymore here. They have surrendered and joined the other side and have now become collaborators if they do this insanity… So… there isn’t a lick of spittle between Marxist democrats and poltroon repubs in Klay now.. They are both ripping us off now… Folks, it time to vote with your feet and move to another state
    Not only did they vote to put the guy who is responsible for the two house super majority back i charge of the party, now this guy is telling them top join the dem’s and pass fake climate taxes on us.


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