Judge dismisses charges against man assaulted by #SFPD thugs

A San Francisco judge dismissed the majority of the criminal charges against a man who was brutally assaulted then shot by SFPD thugs at his Ocean View home in January.

Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Ross ruled Tuesday that prosecutors did not have sufficient evidence to proceed to jury trial on eight of the 10 charges filed against 43-year-old Sean Moore, who was seriously wounded in the Jan. 6 incident.

The charges were a sham, an attempt by the SFPD to justify the brutal attack on Mr. Moore.

The charges that were dropped include assaulting a peace officer, making criminal threats and resisting arrest. Moore, who remains in jail, still faces one count of battering an officer and one count of violating a restraining order that had been filed by a neighbor.

Public Defender Jeff Adachi called for District Attorney George Gascón to drop the case entirely.

Adachi is correct, Gascón should take his advice.

The public defender’s office said the footage showed the officers escalating a situation that could have been resolved peacefully, with Moore acting in self-defense against officers who were not acting lawfully.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Chronicle


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