Sacramento cops who executed mentally-ill man get an award

This is how racist Sacramento rolls. They’re not even trying to deny their police are on the hunt for the poor, the homeless, the mentally-ill, and people of color. In fact, Sacramento leaders celebrate their police death squads.

Three officers involved in last year’s fatal shooting of a mentally ill man who was armed with a knife were honored Thursday at the Sacramento Police Department’s annual awards ceremony.

Officers Jeffrey Todd Carr, Dustin Southward and Eric Toomey were presented with the department’s Bronze Medal of Valor for the April 8, 2016, incident in which they brutally executed 40-year-old Dazion Flenaugh.

Relatives described Flenaugh as a homeless man with an undiagnosed bipolar disorder.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg spoke at the event, held at a time when the department has been criticized by some for allegedly using excessive force when dealing with mentally ill individuals. In one incident in July, officers tried to run over then shot Joseph Mann, a mentally ill person who was holding a knife, in North Sacramento.

All that was missing from Steinberg’s appearance was his sheet and his hood.

Enjoy your Police State.

Read the whole story in the Sacramento Bee

One comment

  1. Hmmm, sounds like more Monday morning QBing from you……tell you what, I’ll get a mentally deranged person, arm them with a knife and put you 2 in a room…..see what happens!


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