As the #homeless continue to creep into the lives of California’s 1%ers, the Legislature takes action

Rents are too high. Home prices are out of reach. Decent listings and rentals are hard to find. Homeless encampments are growing. And many residents are cutting back on food, clothing and medical care to keep a roof over their heads.

Welcome to California.

Now, after years of inaction, Sacramento may be on the verge of doing something about the state’s “housing crisis.”

More than 130 housing bills surfaced this year as of the last count, many of them aimed at addressing the state’s housing shortage, lack of affordable housing and protecting those at risk of losing their homes.

California has 12 percent of the nation’s population, it has 22 percent of the nation’s homeless. All those homeless people are starting to bug the 1%ers, which is why the Legislature is taking action.

Read the whole story in the Orange County Register


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