California learns that getting solar means getting screwed

At a presentation kicking off the two-day California Solar Expo at the San Diego Convention Center, a representative of one of more than 50 exhibitors summed up the industry by saying, “Solar’s the party that everyone wants to be in.”

Solar’s residential segment is expected to grow about 9 percent nationally but is expected to slow in California this year.

Much of the reason is the long-running debates over net-metering and rate designs. Utility companies are using their considerable political power to shake down ratepayers who opt for solar.

Read the whole story in the San Diego Union-Tribune


One comment

  1. Solar folks just isn’t ready for prime time yet. it costs kaly residents 18.5 cents per kilowatt, Hawaii using LOTS of solar is running at an absurd 37.5 cents. Compare this to Oregon which is 10.5 cents and about the same for NV. AZ is even a little cheaper per Kilowatt.. Jerry is slowly turning kaly into a 3rd world country with expensive power which raises the cost of everything.. Welcome to the future Venezuela.


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