#Republicans continue their ludicrous claims in Colonies corruption trial

Former San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Postmus testified at the Colonies trial that he was pressured in 2006 to settle long-standing lawsuits with a Rancho Cucamonga developer before taking office as county assessor.

Postmus, Paul Biane and Gary Ovitt were the three county supervisors who led the charge for settling the nearly five-year litigation with real estate investor group Colonies Partners LP in November 2006 for $102 million, a landmark settlement for the county.

A key witness for the prosecution, Postmus took the witness stand Monday as the trial enters its fifth month and said pressure to settle the Colonies litigation ramped up after he won the June 2006 primary for county assessor, then the November 2006 general election. That meant he would soon be leaving the Board of Supervisors, and Colonies Partners would lose his vote for settlement.

Defendant Jim Erwin, a skilled negotiator and former county assistant assessor who was working for Rancho Cucamonga developer and defendant Jeff Burum to help facilitate a settlement, threatened to expose Postmus’ homosexuality and drug addiction and Biane’s alleged financial problems, Postmus said.

Nice try Republicans, nice try.

Read the whole story in the Press Enterprise


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