Feckless #Republicans move to block California retirement savings plan

The Senate is positioning to scuttle an ambitious California effort to create retirement security for low-income workers, with a vote Wednesday morning that aims to block the state and others from launching programs to automatically enroll millions of people in IRA-type savings plans.

Wednesday’s roll call brings to a head an early confrontation between the state and the Trump-era Congress. The retirement law is a signature achievement of California Senate Leader Kevin De Leon, who worked on it for years and has helped lead a national effort to move similar laws forward in other states – all of which are threatened by the congressional action.

Read the whole story in the LA Times


One comment

  1. Anything that this admitted illegal alien criminal Leon has been trying to setup should be blocked. He’s a Sacto criminal in a suit. Stealing the wages from low income workers without ANY guarantee that they will see it when they retire is absurd. Jerry and Leon need LOTS of other peoples monies to setup and keep the Socialist welfare state from bankruptcy and they were going to be using that cash,like the gas tax money for everything BUT retirement savings.


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