California’s House Republicans ready to sell-out on #Obamacare repeal

I looks like California Republicans don’t have the courage to stand up against the insurance lobby and Big PhRMA in Washington.

After working feverishly to find more members to support their bill to roll back the Affordable Care Act, House Republican leaders have scheduled a vote for Thursday.

And House Majority Leader and Bakersfield Rep. Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday night that Republicans “have the votes” to pass the controversial legislation.

News outlets that have polled the entire GOP caucus say they’ve found 16 to 22 Republicans who will vote against it. That’s focused attention on roughly two dozen undecided members — eight of them Californians who have been reluctant to support the bill or at least state their position on it.

If Republicans don’t end up voting Thursday, it’ll probably get even more difficult to pass an overhaul bill, because congressional rules mean they’ll have extra hurdles to overcome.

Source: LA Times

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