Judge throws woman in the slammer for helping immigrants

In the City Heights neighborhood, Dania Olivero had agreed to have her small rented house used as a temporary staging point for the border crossers. She said she thought only a handful of people would be brought to her, as had happened previous times. But wave after wave showed up. She protested at first, but took the extra money offered to her, she told investigators.

When San Diego police arrived, after two neighbors had reported seeing suspicious activity, they found 44 people in her house, the backyard and a shed.

On Thursday, U.S. District Judge William Hayes sentenced Olivero to three years and one month in prison for her role in the smuggling effort. He said the number of people, as well as the “grim” conditions they were kept in, made it an aggravated crime.

Some of the immigrants complained they were locked inside a small shed without access to a bathroom, lights or ventilation, according to court records.

All of the immigrants were Mexican, except for two Guatemalans.

Read the whole story in the LA Times

One comment

  1. Judge throws woman in the slammer for helping immigrants

    A completely misleading article and CAL NEWS Headline.. She was part of a human smuggling Ops and no matter how ” Noble” she through she was by helping illegal aliens, she was taking the cash and is a huge part of the jerks who are smuggling illegals. No matter what the headline says about ” Immigrants”, they are ILLEGAL ALIENS” plain and simple and she got what she deserved for smuggling illegals in America and violating US Immigration law. It should have been 20 years in the slammer.


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