Trigger happy #SFPD thug goes on a shooting spree

A San Francisco police officer involved in the fatal shooting on Wednesday also shot and injured a man on his doorstep in Oceanview earlier this year.

Officer Kenneth Cha, who had until recently be assigned to Taraval Station before being transferred to Tenderloin, shot Sean Moore on Jan. 6 on his porch in the 500 block of Capitol Avenue.

The incident was captured on body cameras and remains under investigation.

On Wednesday morning, Nicholas Flusche, 26, was shot by at least one officer near Mason and Market streets.

Multiple sources in the San Francisco Police Department confirmed that Cha was involved in Wednesday’s shooting.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Examiner

One comment

  1. SSooo, the story implies that he did something wrong, but no one knows if he did.. REALLYY.. More cop baiting. Now we know why the FBI said on Monday that policing…aka.. arrests are down nationwide and in kaly arrests are down 25%. With irresponsible articles that attack police when there isn’t any known wrong doing, the police say screw it and let the criminals have free rein. Look at Baltimore after the black Mayor and City Att tried to hang 6 cops, All 6 were found not guilty and that cities murder rate is now so bad because the vops have backed off, that the same mayor who tried to get the cops to appease a mob of blks now is demanding help from none other than the FBI. .. Yep !! Yu reap what yu sow.


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