Cash comes pouring in to California governor’s race.

Need more proof money talks in the race to be California’s next governor? Well here you go.

Gavin Newsom, whose donors range from Silicon Valley to Hollywood, has gotten out to a significant lead. Asian American business leaders have contributed large sums to John Chiang, while Antonio Villaraigosa has reached out to wealthy Angelenos.

The other candidates are scrambling to catch Newsom, who was fundraising more than a year before he had any competition. While Chiang has gradually climbed, Villaraigosa jumped up quickly thanks to many large donations. John Cox, the only Republican candidate on the board, started his campaign with $1 million of his own money.

Read the whole story in the Los Angeles Times


One comment

  1. Here are the next VERY corrupt governors.. Pick one, .. They are ALL terrible and will continue the push to make Kalyforia into Venezuela. Move now while your property is still worth lots of cash. These 3 will finally finish off the Golden State intro another failed Marxist State


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