“We saw your vote!” Flip-flops don’t help #DarrellIssa

Rolling up in wheelchairs and walkers, hobbling with bandaged heads and neck braces, hundreds of people who live in Rep. Darrell Issa’s district lined up outside his Vista, California, office.

“We saw your vote!” they chanted, their unified anger palpable from a portable PA system.

The people chanting were not injured, but dressed as the sick and dying to make a point about their anger at Issa’s “yes” vote on the House health care bill last week. The night before, a smaller group of them lit up make-shift large letters with LED lights over the I-5 freeway near Encinitas with the words, “Replace & Repeal Issa.”

“Our goal, now more than ever, is to get rid of Issa,” declared Ellen Montanari at a grassroots meeting leading up to the protests. “It’s all about flipping the 49th.”

It looks like turning Democrat friendly has done little to help Issa. He remains on the ropes and it appears he’s on the fast-track back to private life.

Read the whole story in KTLA


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