Riders Beware: #BART has turned into a homeless shelter

Facing declining ridership and rising complaints about conditions in downtown San Francisco stations, BART plans to take aim at what officials see as a possible reason for both — homelessness.

BART officials said Thursday they’ll clean up the stations, help homeless people who linger in them find shelter elsewhere and post and enforce its code of conduct.

Ridership on BART has grown to record numbers over the past six years and its trains have become uncomfortably crowded during the morning and evening commutes. But the strain is beginning to show. Ridership has been dropping — on weekends, during nonpeak hours and now, for the first time, during commutes.

Rider dissatisfaction, meanwhile, is on the rise. Crowded trains and unreliable service have frustrated passengers, and Paul Oversier, BART’s assistant general manager for operations, said complaints about the atmosphere in San Francisco’s downtown stations — the system’s busiest — are rising.

Passengers say they feel uncomfortable with dirty stations, open drug use and debris, homeless people sleeping and lingering in stations and panhandling.

No kidding.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Chronicle



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