California pours millions into defense of immigrants facing deportation

Gov. Jerry Brown has earmarked an extra $15 million in the state’s budget to expand legal defense services for people battling deportation, a move that could be interpreted as a response to the Trump administration’s broadened immigration enforcement orders.

The cash infusion would boost the state government’s financial help to those in the country illegally to $33 million.

Immigrant rights groups and lawyers hailed the increased funding in Brown’s revised state budget, calling it a signal that the state is committed to protecting families from what could happen under President Trump.

While the total funds are enough to support existing services, policy analysts said lawmakers might need almost double this amount to fund the other new legal initiatives under consideration at the state Capitol.

Read the whole story in the LA Times


One thought on “California pours millions into defense of immigrants facing deportation

  1. This prick is endangering us all with the non-stop protection of illegal aliens.. They are criminals who have busted our border, draining our social safety nets, part of a massive crime wave of gangs and jerry and his thugs are in direct violation of federal immigration law as they MOCK American citizens daily with this crap !! Jerry is looking for the votes these criminal illegaly contribute to his party’s corruption through illegal voting.


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