Psycho San Bernardino County officers shoot into vehicles from helicopters

If you think the police are on the streets to protect and serve you, then you need a wake-up call. Maybe you should have a conversation with Jose Villegas.

Mr. Villegas, his wife and son were headed home on the 215 Freeway after a shopping excursion in September 2015 when an SUV came hurtling at the family’s Dodge Durango.

There was little time to react.

“Boom!” Villegas said. “It was like an explosion.”

Not far away, a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department helicopter buzzed in the air, trailing a robbery suspect in the SUV.

From the helicopter, Deputy Paul Kowalski pointed his machine gun at the fleeing SUV. Kowalski fired 80 bullets down on the freeway at the unarmed driver. The suspect, Nicholas Johnson, was killed and his SUV smashed into the family’s Durango.

Villegas suffered a broken leg. His wife Maria’s ribs were cracked, her wrist was broken and her stomach bled.

Moments after the wreck, Villegas heard his disabled 13-year-old son cry out from the back seat.

“Mom, help!” Villegas recalled the boy calling out. His son was injured, too.

WTF is this all about you ask? It’s a common practice that continues at law enforcement agencies in San Bernardino County. Your life, your families life, and the well-being of your community mean nothing to the Police State.

Read the whole story in the San Bernardino Sun


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