#PaloAlto has become a safe haven for affluent sexual predators

If you’re affluent, and you live in Palo Alto, and your a sex pervert, you’re probably in the right place.

Palo Alto school officials, already under federal pressure to address deficiencies in the handling of sexual harassment allegations, said Tuesday that they would hire an outside law firm to investigate how administrators handled an alleged sexual assault on a high school campus.

Four dozen concerned students and parents packed a special meeting of the board of the Palo Alto Unified School District on Tuesday afternoon to review the performance of the superintendent, Max McGee, and other administrators.

A chorus of students and parents irate over the district’s handling of a sexual allegation involving a varsity football and baseball player at Palo Alto High School called for McGee’s dismissal, saying they heard of the matter only through media reports.

A female student said the athlete, who has not been identified, assaulted her in a bathroom at the school in October 2016, forcing her to perform oral sex.

Community and school board members have publicly questioned whether the district responded swiftly enough and complied with all federal requirements to investigate allegations of sexual harassment and assault — on and off school grounds.

The student athlete still attends Palo Alto High School and participates in varsity sports.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


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