Voters decisively back measure to keep brutal #LAPD thugs on the street

Los Angeles voters overwhelmingly handed the Police State a huge victory.

A ballot measure to significantly change the way the Los Angeles Police Department handles serious officer misconduct has won easily, despite warnings from community activists that it will result in more lenient treatment for problem cops.

With 99.9% of precincts counted, Charter Amendment C passed with 57.1% of the vote, according to unofficial results released early Wednesday. The measure, backed by both Mayor Eric Garcetti and the City Council, will deliver one of the most significant changes to the LAPD’s disciplinary process in decades, allowing more civilians on the panels that review officer terminations.

The results provided a major victory to the Los Angeles Police Protective League, which championed the measure. Union officials had long argued that disciplinary proceedings handled by the three-member Boards of Rights are frequently unfair to officers. Currently, each board consists of one civilian and two LAPD command staff ranked captain or above.

Opponents have called Charter Amendment C a City Hall giveaway to a politically connected union and warned it would send the LAPD’s reform efforts backward. Peter Bibring, director of police practices for the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, also described the measure as a “deceptive” piece of legislation.

“Many voters thought they were voting for greater police accountability, when in fact this does just the opposite,” he said.

Source: LA Times


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