#OaklandPD thug pimped teen girl, taught her how to be a good prostitute

An Alameda County Superior Court judge Thursday ordered a former Oakland police officer charged in a police-misconduct scandal to stand trial after saying the officer behaved “like a pimp” in his dealings with a teen prostitute.

Judge Thomas Rogers chastised Brian Bunton, saying Bunton was “compromised” after having sex with a teen because she knew he was an officer and could ask for favors in exchange for her keeping quiet.

“He’s actually pimping her like a pimp would do,” Rogers said after ruling that there was sufficient evidence for Bunton, 41, to be tried on charges of obstruction of justice and engaging in prostitution.

The teenager testified that Bunton coached her on how to be a better prostitute and warned her of what she thought was an imminent undercover police operation.

The visibly nervous teen vomited into a trash can on the witness stand after describing the sex acts.

She also said that during that encounter, he joked about her sex advertisement on the classifieds website Backpage.

“He said I should show more skin to get clients,” Jasmine told the courtroom.

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle


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