#Racist #SacramentoPD thugs are mad because videos catch them in their acts of #brutality

Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Tim Davis, head of the Sacramento police officers union, said members of the force are dispirited by a city policy requiring release of video in extreme confrontations.

So their answer, manipulate the videos to make the brutal racist Sacramento cops look better.

Steinberg called for the city to consider releasing “as much video as possible” to show “everyday interactions, incidents that occur where the police officer acted in the right.”

This is the mayor of a city that recently gave awards to police officers who gunned down a mentally ill African-American man.

A Sacramento city policy approved last year requires that police release footage within 30 days of officer-involved shootings, deaths in custody and some citizen complaints, unless the City Council grants a waiver. The council responded to community demands for more transparency following controversial police shootings in the city and elsewhere in the nation.

Steinberg and his white elite pals in the police department hate this.

Les Simmons, a member of Sacramento Area Congregations Together, said releasing more video would likely not impact community trust or resolve the department’s “PR problem.”

Simmons said the department had been slow to release video under the existing policy and missed the 30-day mandate following a Feb. 10 shooting with a parolee.

It would be better to hold officers “accountable in places where they need to be held accountable … In those moments you will see trust start to build,” Simmons said.

Source: The Sacramento Bee


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