The public rips into state officials over #OrovilleDam secrecy

State water officials told The Sacramento Bee that they want a do-over on how they communicate with the public about Oroville Dam.

After denying public records requests from The Bee, and facing angry citizens at recent public meetings, a somewhat chastened group of officials say they want to be more transparent.

“As these weeks have unfolded we’ve heard from you guys, we’ve heard from the community and elected officials about the need to balance this transparency and also safety. So we have changed what we are sharing,” Erin Mellon told The Bee.

Mellon is spokeswoman for the Natural Resources Agency, the parent agency for the California Department of Water Resources. She suggested the public “treat this as a bit of a reset for us in terms of moving away from emergency response to emergency recovery.” And she said the department would review earlier decisions to keep certain information confidential, including documents requested by The Bee under the state’s Public Records Act.

It would be refreshing to see this state agency figure out how to be more open with the public. We’re not holding our breath.

Source: The Sacramento Bee


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