#AmericansLoveDrugs: Drug loving Americans flock to public toilets

Public restrooms are among the few places left where drug loving Americans can find privacy to inject heroin.

Many businesses who offer restrooms to their customers don’t know what to do. Some have installed low lighting — blue light, in particular — to make it difficult for people who use injectable drugs to find a vein.


Business owners often find needles or people’s drugs, or people whacked-out on the floor. Overdoses have become commonplace.

Many businesses obviously don’t want to talk about overdoses within their buildings. Junkies sprawled out on the floor of their restrooms is bad for business. So they tolerate it.

More public libraries, town halls and businesses are closing their bathrooms to the public. That means more drug use, injuries and discarded needles in parks and on city streets.

It’s how we roll in America, because as everybody knows, Americans love drugs.

Source: San Francisco Examiner


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