#Uber screwed drivers and passengers

If you live in San Francisco, the city and the businesses who thrive there simply look at you as if you were a sheep all set to be sheered.

Uber is just the latest example.

Since last year, Uber drivers suspected that riders were being charged one price, while drivers themselves were seeing another, often lesser price when the trip was done.

Turns out, drivers were right.

Uber recently admitted they were indeed charging riders a different amount than drivers saw as the charge for a trip.

That’s significant, Christian Perea, a San Francisco-based Uber driver said, because riders may be charged a higher amount upfront — say, $25 to go downtown — but drivers will only earn a percentage off a smaller charge, like $20, when a trip is complete.

Uber pockets the difference, Perea said.

“More often than not, the driver would end up earning less on that ride then what Uber charged you, the passenger,” Perea said, because the driver would take a more efficient route than Uber’s upfront pricing system “guessed” the driver would take.

“It was in Uber’s interest to charge a little higher,” he added.

CalNews.com really supports the ride-sharing industry. However we really loath bad actors who steal from the public. Next time you’re in an Uber, ask yourself “how was your haircut?”

Source: San Francisco Examiner


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