#Usefulidiots join #BarbaraLee at #Berkeley town hall meeting

John Dean, useful idiot, still making a living by sucking up to liberals.

Hundreds of Rep. Barbara Lee’s constituents flocked to a town hall meeting Sunday afternoon — not to confront her about health care, pepper her with questions or otherwise put her on the spot.

They came instead to listen to a former Nixon attorney and a former spy warn about President Trump and how to best ensure his demise.

About 750 people filled the auditorium at King Middle School in Berkeley, an area that Lee, D-Oakland, proclaimed to be “the heart and soul of the resistance movement.”

That was evident from the signs on the wall featuring Lee’s name and the hashtag #Resist, the vendors selling anti-Trump buttons outside the meeting, the loud cheers, the “Barbara Lee speaks for me” signs and the standing ovations inside.

Lee said she brought President Richard Nixon’s former White House counsel, John Dean, and Malcolm Nance, a retired Navy senior chief petty officer and spy, to Berkeley to help educate her constituents and encourage them to keep fighting.

The self-loathing Dean described himself as a social liberal and fiscal moderate. He’s written columns and books opposing neoconservatism, but he said he hasn’t really moderated his views since the Nixon era.

“The Republican Party has moved so far to the right,” he said, “that I’m on the left.”

Everybody knew that about Dean in the 1970s, but hey, useful idiots need to make a living too.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


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