Women need not apply

San Francisco has 230 parks, playgrounds and open spaces that cover 3,400 acres spread across the city. To keep those areas safe, the park department employs 53 rangers — in essence, its own armed police force.

Why not? San Francisco is one of the crown jewels of the Police State. So having police officers watching your every move while you’re walking your dog or catching some rays shouldn’t come as a surprise.

And while those armed rangers are the public face of the city’s parks, there’s one thing they aren’t: female.

While the city’s police and fire departments have increased or held steady the number of women in their ranks, female rangers have dropped from 18 percent of the force in 1997 to 11 percent today.

San Francisco park officials say they cannot legally set a gender preference. So they use the city’s minimum qualification requirements disqualify women from the career.

How convenient.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


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