#SacramentoPD execute drug addict burglar; District Attorney says no problem

Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies were justified in shooting an unarmed, drug addict burglar, a Sacramento County District Attorney review of the shooting said.

Jesse Attaway, 41, was fatally shot by two sheriff’s deputies Sept. 23rd.

The officers fired multiple rounds at Attaway, and fired on him a second time. A third series of shots were fired after Attaway “stumbled to the ground and raised his hand,” the memo said.

Attaway was pronounced dead at the scene by medics. No gun was found. The review said Mai fired seven rounds in the shooting while Cater fired either 11 or 12.

Attaway’s father, Jim, said he did not agree with the outcome of the review. He said despite the circumstances, he did not believe deputies had the right to shoot his son.

“He wasn’t close enough to hurt them. He didn’t have a weapon,” Jim Attaway said.

Enjoy your Police State.

Source: Sacramento Bee



  1. So officials are saying that if you have an addiction to drugs that you automatically deserve to be shot when or if ever you may encounter police officers… that is absolute bullcrap there are many different reasons why people become addicted to drugs it’s not just because they’re thieves and want to be a burglar or want to be a rapist or a murderer sometimes it’s just because they need to forget or ease the pain that afflicts themwhatever it may be. And what happened to innocent until proven guilty that kind of conflicts with shoot first and ask questions later doesn’t it or what about when their children themselves are addicted to opiates for methamphetamine or alcohol are they exempt or kept just hush hush? I mean will they be able to bare the shame or embarrassment? I totally disagree with this outcome because I knew Jesse Attaway personally and he was NOT a thief he was NOTa liar or worse, he was a hood person and friend whos laugh was contagious, he had a good heart, he was a hard worker. His only flaw was, he had an addiction but other than that he kept to himself and we all know that Sacramento sheriff department is far from being innocent themselves of course that’s only hearsay but it comes from former officers that have worked with them they will also say that they are the crookedest law enforcement organization that they have ever known in California!!! But hey,keep up the good work guys yea right….you’re just as much criminals as we are, you just hide behind a badge. Oh and I dont want to forget to mention the cowards that like to shoot dogs! Not one law officer has ever been killed by a dog. A cow, a wasp and other humans, yes, but never once in the last 70 years has an officer died on duty by a dog, NOT ONCE!!!!
    R.I.P. Jesse Attaway


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