#California ramps-up hate crime laws to focus on #Trump supporters

According to Leftists, violent clashes and arrests as a result of political intolerance increased in 2016 on California college campuses and at political rallies.

That according to researchers in a report presented last week to Los Angeles County officials.

Frayed race relations, demographic changes and political divisions along with distrust in institutions and the democratic process all contributed to the rise of hate crimes and extremism, said Brian Levin, a terrorism expert and professor at Cal State San Bernardino the report’s author.

He presented it last week during a quarterly meeting of Los Angeles County’s Network Against Hate Crime.

In California, a hate crime is “a criminal act of intimidation, harassment, physical force or threat toward a person or property because of someone’s actual or perceived race, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability.”

“We saw a definite spike,” Levin said.

Source: Long Beach Press-Telegram


3 thoughts on “#California ramps-up hate crime laws to focus on #Trump supporters

  1. So President Trumps supporters are HATERS ??? I guess they didn’t see the democrat parties Sacramento convention recently. Middle Fingers and hate speak all day long regarding President Trump. No worries.. We know who the real Haters are !!!


  2. So the tolerant Democrats think that President Trump supporters are racists and Haters … really ?? I guess this professor didn’t see or hear about the recent Democrat Party’s convention in Sacramento.. hate speak all day long and finished with a rousing chant of F Trump and the mass waving of middle fingers, led by none other than Nancy Pelosi. We know who the real haters are and don’t need a leftist Professor from California to tell us.


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