Ignoring real problems, California’s top judge focuses instead on #Trump

Tani Cantil-Sakauye was an obscure judge on a Sacramento appeals court when then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger selected her to become California’s 28th chief justice.

Seven years later, Cantil-Sakauye has found her calling. Not dispensing justice, real justice, to California’s poor, homeless, mentally ill, and people of color.

Settled in as California’s top judge, she is speaking her mind, and yammering incessantly about the Trump administration.

It helps no one in any meaningful way. Except maybe the Islamics.

Source: LA Times


One comment

  1. Simply another Judicial tyrant who is abusng her power and sinking into irrelevancy as a Judge. There isn’t any justice in Kalyfornia any longer. The Court system along with the school system has been infiltrated and politicized now. These once vaulted pillars of American freedom & society have devolved into nothing but propaganda machines that strongly resemble 1936 Germany !!


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