California labor unions are moving a huge agenda

At last count, 16.9 million Californians were wage and salary workers, and, according to the federal government, just 15.9 percent of them – about one in six – were members of labor unions.

However, their unions wield huge, disproportionate influence in the building, thanks to their intimate relationship, both financial and ideological, with its dominant Democrats.

That’s especially true of federal, state and local government workers, who are barely 15 percent of California’s wage and salary employees but are well over half of the state’s union members, according to state and federal data.

While every legislative session includes a raft of union-sponsored bills, the 2017 session is seeing a particularly strong push by union leaders. They evidently hope that Democratic gains in the 2016 election, coupled with what appears to be a more benevolent attitude by Gov. Jerry Brown in the last two years of his governorship, will bear fruit.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of union-backed bills are moving, and employers are sounding the alarm.

Source: The Sacramento Bee


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