#Islamics continue their deadly rampage: giant bomb kills 80, injures 350 in Kabul

One witness said the explosion was caused by a bomb planted in a large tanker truck that left a crater in the road more than 30 feet deep.

Afghan interior ministry spokesman Najib Danesh said the blast occurred in Zanbaq Square, which is close to the German Embassy and the headquarters of Roshan, the country’s leading telecommunications company. Danesh said officials had not determined the target of the attack.

“This was the heaviest blast I have ever witnessed in Kabul,” said Daud, a 36-year-old shopkeeper in the Shahr-e-Naw district about a mile away.

The German Embassy was heavily damaged in the attack, with several staff members injured and an Afghan security guard killed, according to a statement from German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel. All embassy staff members were safe, Gabriel said.

The BBC said that one of its staff members, a driver named Mohammed Nazir who was ferrying colleagues to the news organization’s office, was killed and that four journalists were injured. BBC World Service Director Francesca Unsworth called it “a devastating loss.”

Source: LA Times


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