#Berkeley wages #jihad against plastic straws

Restricting use of plastic straws the latest trend to clean up California beaches.

With an anti-straw proposal being floated by several members of the city council this week, the more-politically-correct-than-thou residents of this East Bay burg may soon join a statewide trend to get rid of the plastic tubes that help us all just suck it up.

City leaders would like us, instead, to use biodegradable straws for our future Starbucks’ Midnight Mint Mocha or chocolate shake from McDonald’s.

Following a predictable good-earth path that includes bans on plastic bags and taxes on soda, Berkeley’s anti-straw freedom coalition hopes to do their part to cut down on the estimated 500 million straws that Americans toss out each day, many of them ending up in our waterways and ingested by animals who wouldn’t know how to use a straw if you drew them a diagram.

Source: Mercury News


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