Jerry Brown wants states to form a Climate Confederacy

Maneuvering to become the Jefferson Davis of the 21st Century, governor Jerry Brown says states should act if Trump quits the Paris climate deal.

Sort of a climate Confederate States of America maybe?

Although individual states cannot sign the Paris agreement, Brown said state leaders should step up to demonstrate the nation’s support if Trump pulls out of the coordinated response to global warming.

“This doesn’t look so good,” Brown told The Chronicle on Wednesday, just days before he heads to China to meet with climate leaders. “I can’t believe that in the face of science, (Trump) can say black is white.”

The California Democrat’s reaction came hours after a White House official said the president is expected to pull out of the deal. The president later tweeted that he will announce his decision on the Paris accord during a Rose Garden event Thursday afternoon.

The Paris accord is a 2015 U.N. agreement made among nearly 200 nations that committed each country to lowering greenhouse gas emissions to reduce the effects of climate change. The deal was seen as a historic breakthrough when it was signed after decades of international efforts fell short.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

One comment

  1. President Brown had better come to his senses quick. He’s trying to pull China into his carbon scams along with other states.. The good news is that the other states he’s talked to don’t trust him and after watching kaly’s taxes become unaffordable, they have backed out. President Brown had better realize that there is only ONE president and it’s President Donald Trump. and he’s running the country by a majority of Americans who voted for him.


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