Californians like universal healthcare, as long as it’s free

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A new poll indicates that most Californians support changing the state’s immense, insurance-based medical care system to one in which the state provides universal coverage.

However, there’s just one small detail: 65 percent support drops to 42 percent if a “single-payer” system requires new taxes, which, of course, it would.

The Public Policy Institute of California poll was issued on Wednesday, just hours after the California Nurses Association and other advocates of Senate Bill 562’s universal coverage laid out the taxes they say would make it feasible.

Feckless California voters have shown that they are willing to tax others – i.e. the rich or smokers – but unwilling to pay more taxes themselves for public services.

Source: The Sacramento Bee


One thought on “Californians like universal healthcare, as long as it’s free

  1. Does the insanity ever end here.. Do the rubes know that Jerry and his Mexican nationalist legislature will require.. according to the analyst… a twenty five percent personal income tax , a fifteen percent payroll tax and other massive taxes on business and MORE Fee’s. to cover the care of Central & South America as they bust the border to get more freebies paid for by stupid Kalyfornians. The pensions are shot, the dams are in total disrepair, a two hundred billion dollar choo-choo train that doesn’t go anywhere and fifty billion dollar water tunnels… Please just turn over your entire income to the new Venezuelan Utopian nightmare that Brown and his fellow Social sits are trying to create. Thank God many of us here have ready bought homes in other states and are getting ready to leave the state before it really gets bad !!!


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