#SanJose proposal would create a #safespace for terror #Islamics, MS-13

A San Jose councilman’s proposed law that would limit city cooperation with federal immigration authorities is giving pause even to San Jose’s liberal leaders, who openly welcome immigrants and denounce the Trump administration’s illegal immigration crackdown.

“I appreciate the intent,” said Mayor Sam Liccardo. “I think this is something we need to analyze and understand carefully.”

The city’s Rules and Open Government Committee, which sets council agendas, voted unanimously this past week to refer the proposal to the city attorney’s office for further evaluation before taking it to the City Council.

ICE spokesman James Schwab said the agency does not comment on proposed or pending ordinances.

Source: Mercury News


One thought on “#SanJose proposal would create a #safespace for terror #Islamics, MS-13

  1. Is it possible that the city leaders are somewhat concerned that blanket amnesty for criminals is not good for business. Just look at the picture of the Spanish lady’s Tee Shirt.. it has every leftist cause printed on it.. This has nothing to do with blocking ICE. It’s ALL about giving President Trump the middle finger while endangering all of us with political correctness.


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