How California protects pervert doctors

California protects pervert doctors, and has done so for years.

However a controversial rule that would force some physicians on probation for medical misconduct to disclose the offense to their patients was approved last week by the state Senate, which killed a more stringent version of the bill last year.

If approved by the state Assembly and ultimately signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, the bill would require physicians to notify patients if they are on probation for the following: sexual misconduct; drug or alcohol abuse while treating patients; or a criminal conviction involving patient treatment. Patient notification would also be required if the doctor had been put on probation multiple times.

It’s amazing that this isn’t the law already.

Nearly 600 doctors in the state have been put on probation by the Medical Board for offenses including sexual misconduct, drug use, prescribing medications without documentation, over-prescribing opioid drugs and failure to report the medical history of multiple patients, among others.

The feckless California Medical Association continues to oppose patient notification provisions. They’re OK with quack doctors and perverts reading your medical issues.

Source: The Press Democrat


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