#JimmyGomez, a real American success story

Congressman-elect Jimmy Gomez said he woke up Wednesday morning at his Eagle Rock home unsure whether his decisive win over fellow Democrat Robert Lee Ahn was real.

“I actually was like, ‘Was that a dream? Did that really happen?’” said the 42-year-old Gomez.

Every American should celebrate his success.

Gomez never even planned to go to college. As a freshman in high school, Gomez’s grade-point average was a dismal 0.83. (“Five Ds and an F,” he recalls.)

In many ways, “I’m still the community college kid with immigrant parents,” the current state assemblyman for the 51st District said in an interview Wednesday outside a café in his neighborhood. “I’m still that kid that worked at Subway and Target.”

Gomez, the youngest of six children born to a farmworker-turned-cook and a nursing home employee, finds himself preparing to enter the halls of power in Washington, D.C. He will represent the 34th Congressional District, which includes downtown, Koreatown and much of L.A.’s Eastside, replacing Xavier Becerra, who gave up the seat to become California’s attorney general in January.

Source: LA Times


One thought on “#JimmyGomez, a real American success story

  1. A real American success story wold be that he comes here, works hard and becomes very successful with business opportunities. Becoming a hard left crackpot democrat legislator means he won the lottery and can now feeds off the public trough, provided by we taxpayers.. Sounds like a grifter to me !!!!!


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