#Liberals excited about #Comey media circus, pay little attention to real California problems

California Sen. Kamala Harris will get a blockbuster debut in the national spotlight when former FBI director James Comey testifies to Congress for the first time since being fired a month ago.

It’s a spectacle that is drawing live coverage from the prime-time anchors of the big three television networks and promises to rival Washington’s most storied public hearings.

Meanwhile our roads, bridges, schools and healthcare system continue to decay.

Harris has a seat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is conducting an investigation into Russian interference in last year’s presidential election, including allegations of collusion between Russian President Vladimir Putin’s regime and Trump’s election campaign.

It’s a nice diversion from California’s real problems.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


One thought on “#Liberals excited about #Comey media circus, pay little attention to real California problems

  1. While it is a media circus.. the Socialist Democrat party has nothing to gain from it as President Trump was NOT colluding with Putin to rig the election. Thats the arena of the democrats. Nothing will come of this as the party leaders have already confirmed that there wasn’t any contact and that was seconded by Barry Obama his self in October. What we will see happen is the continued implosion of the DemoRAts as they offer no message and just look asinine in their attempts to over throw a duly elected and popular President.


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