Whack-job #BernieSanders supporters are trashing the California Democratic Party

State political conventions are usually orgies of booze, food and good cheer, where steaks are eaten, scotch is sipped, backs are slapped, election outcomes are predetermined and very little actual work is done.

On rare occasions an actual battle pops up over the platform or a highly coveted party endorsement, which can result in delegates getting testy with one another, but the California Democratic Party convention last month in Sacramento flew completely off the rails. Things went bonkers — and the repercussions are still being felt.

News coverage has centered around the accusation that California Democrat and “Berniecrat” favorite Kimberly Ellis was cheated out of the chairmanship by longtime party operative and Hillary Clinton supporter Eric Bauman in the state party’s race for chair.

Ellis’ team attributed her 62-vote loss to widespread voter fraud and concluded in a public statement that “the wrong individual is serving as chair.”

Hmmm, Democrats claim voter fraud. Interesting.

Source: Press Enterprise


One comment

  1. communists all act alike.. They rig voting as they cannot win elections without fraud involved. What a joke this Party is and it deserves to disappear into the dust bin of history..


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