Thug cop turned drug dealer represents today’s #PoliceState culture

Maybe there’s a chance that Keith Foster, the Fresno deputy police chief turned drug dealer, is delusional and really believes he did nothing wrong.

Or it could be that he’s just another crook trying to get off scot-free.

If he is delusional, give part of the credit to federal Judge Anthony Ishii, who presided over Foster’s trial.

After Foster was convicted May 23 of conspiring to distribute heroin and marijuana, Ishii let him walk out of court instead of ordering him into custody while awaiting sentencing on the two felonies.

A jury weighs the evidence, determines that Foster is dirty beyond any reasonable doubt and the judge says go on home until we need you back?

No wonder Foster is still claiming his innocence. Sitting at home collecting his $93,000 yearly city pension, he probably asks himself twice a day, was there a trial or is this a bad dream?

The feds built their case with wiretaps and surveillance. They used Foster’s own words and actions against him.

It’s time for the Police State to face the facts…he’s guilty.

Source: The Fresno Bee


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