#SEIU punishes members who want out of the union

After an expensive contract year, state government’s largest union is hiking the fees it charges to employees who don’t want to fund political advocacy.

Service Employees International Union Local 1000 is raising the minimum amount of dues it charges by 6 percent.

SEIU 1000 dues are 1.5 percent of a worker’s wages, capped at $90 a month. The fees that workers pay if they don’t want to participate in political activity would climb to about 73 percent of full dues, according to a letter the union mailed to employees who are not full dues-paying members.

In California, unions are allowed to charge employees who are not full members for legal and bargaining expenses that benefit the workers they represent.

SEIU 1000 represents more than 95,000 state employees in a diverse range of jobs that includes nurses, custodians, information technology workers and government analysts. The union earned $63 million in 2014, according to a tax return published by the nonprofit database GuideStar.

Groups of internal critics have encouraged state workers to break with SEIU for the past decade.

Source: Sacramento Bee


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