Willie Brown says Dem push to impeach President Trump could backfire

It was great entertainment, but for all the hype, the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings that featured former FBI Director James Comey failed to deliver a knockout punch.

You are not going to get another “All the President’s Men” out of this story.

The facts are not there.

There is no silver bullet that will bring the president down.

As tempting as it is for the Democrats to push the idea that Trump could be guilty of obstruction of justice and push for impeachment, that could ultimately backfire on them — it raises public expectations, but if it doesn’t happen, it looks like you tried to do something and failed.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


One thought on “Willie Brown says Dem push to impeach President Trump could backfire

  1. The demoRAT Party is finished folks.. It has NO ideas and is activly trying to over throw a duly elected President through fake news, made up charges and Soviet Style show trials.. If anyone in Middle America has been watching this disgusting parade of demoRATS screaming the F bomb daily and their leaders at teh State party convention screaming more F bombs and waving th e Kalyfornia salute to President Trump, you can be reassured that these creeps won’t be holding on to any public offices outside of kaly.. Good Riddance Folks..


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