Dem Fight! Antonio targets Gavin!!!

Dem Fight!

The rivalry between Antonio Villaraigosa and Gavin Newsom intensified Saturday as the former Los Angeles mayor suggested his chief opponent in the governor’s race was a finger-in-the-wind politician unworthy of leading California’s resistance to President Trump.

“His M.O. is to be for something, then be against it, then be for it again, depending on the polls or popular whim,” Villaraigosa said after a speech on immigration at East Los Angeles College, alluding to Newsom’s stands on high-speed rail and a single-payer healthcare system.

With the June 2018 primary still a full year away, Villaraigosa’s attacks on the lieutenant governor came remarkably early in the campaign. In a wide-ranging interview, Villaraigosa dropped any pretense that his veiled criticisms of unnamed Democrats in recent weeks were aimed at anyone other than Newsom, a former San Francisco mayor.

“I call them Davos Democrats who fly over the homes of people left behind, but never have been in their living rooms,” he said, naming Newsom as one of those Democrats. “I grew up in those living rooms.”

Newsom campaign spokesman Dan Newman said he would not dignify Villaraigosa’s “pile of inaccurate silliness” with tit-for-tat responses.

Stay tuned…this should be good.

Source: LA Times


One thought on “Dem Fight! Antonio targets Gavin!!!

  1. Vilarigosa has that right.. Gavin simply judges what the rube voters want and then says he’s for it Unfortunately, Antonio is about as corrupt as they come and was a TERRIBLE mayor. Both of these criminal democrats have nothing to offer but to ” Resist” President Trumps agenda of cleaning up the mess that he inherited from Barry Obama. If all you can say is I’m more against Trump than you,and offer no ideas on how to get Kaly’s massive debt and infrastructure issues solved.. We are all in deep do-do folks.


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