#Leftists demand a homeless camp in every #SanFrancisco neighborhood

San Francisco’s leaders expect all of the city’s residents to share the responsibility for creating supportive housing for homeless people.

Furthermore, if you as a citizen don’t want a homeless camp in your neighborhood, you’re the target if ridicule.

Supervisor Mark Farrell says “services should meet people where they are,” despite his opposition to turning the notorious Bridge Hotel into supportive housing.

So he’s a bad person.

Supervisor London Breed brags that she “helped secure $500,000 in city money to shuttle transient youth from Haight to SoMa.” So much for serving them where they are!

Obviously she’s a bad person too.

Supervisor Jeff Sheehy will only consider a Navigation Center if it serves LGBT youths, which is sorely needed, but no other district gets to dictate who they serve. Supervisor Ahsha Safai says his neighborhood “has no need or desire” because it has only 200 homeless people. I guess his 200 don’t deserve help.

Two more really bad people.

These rare exercises in logic have brought the wrath of extremists down on them all. In the weeks to follow, one by one they will crack. The Police State always wins.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


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