Legislature plans to borrow big to pay for new office buildings

Gov. Jerry Brown has been vocal about his preference for pay-as-you-go instead of borrowing when it comes to funding public works projects.

“We got to belly up to the bar and start spending money,” Brown told reporters in February.

Instead, this week’s plan gives the state the authority to borrow to construct two state office buildings – a new state resources building at Eighth and P streets and another new office building at 12th and O streets. State officials have said the current Resources building at 1416 Ninth St. is the most dilapidated and unsafe of 29 state-owned or state-operated office structures in the Sacramento area.

Officials also have talked of rebuilding or renovating the Capitol annex, which houses the governor’s suite and much of the Legislature.

The move will help the state free up much-needed cash.

Source: The Sacramento Bee


One comment

  1. OR.. Jerry COULD stop his insane tax and spending spree’s and try to live within the states income .. Just ,like the citizens he’s taxing into poverty. Jerry has increased State spending by 84% since he took office 7 years ago… That increase came only from one source.. Straight out of the pockets of the taxpayers and Kalys’ PRIVATE sector which is being looted by these democrat thieves.


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